VIDEO: Unique looking cat spotted in the Bay

A wildcat has been spotted near Whitby.
A wildcat has been spotted near Whitby.

A mystery cat carrying unique leopard spot markings has been spotted in the woods near to Robin Hood's Bay.

The animal is estimated to be at least three feet long in length, prompting the assertion that it may be a hybrid wildcat.

Some have suggested that the cat may in fact be a Bengal cat, which carries leopard spot markings.

The footage was captured on a wildlife camera by Alan Adams from Skerry Hall Farm bed and breakfast, based in the Bay.

He said he often captures images of wildlife such as badgers and foxes, but has never seen a cat quite like this.

Sightings of wildcats are very rare in the North of England, but the spot in Robin Hood's Bay follows reports of a large black cat seen in the area a number of years ago.