Utah Saints to lead Gothic dance festival

Utah Saints.
Utah Saints.

Hit band, Utah Saints, are set to rock Whitby in a festival aimed at reuniting Goth culture and dance.

The group rose to prominence in the 1990s with hits including and ‘What Can You Do For Me’, ‘Believe in Me’ and ‘Something Good’, which has been viewed almost 10 million times on Youtube.

In an exclusive interview with the Gazette, band member Jez Willis said they are looking forward to playing in Whitby for the first time. “The events that go on in Whitby have always intrigued us and we have wanted to play there for years,” he said.

“It’s a shame that people do jump into judging people by appearances but Whitby is a really tolerant place and we think that’s great.

“I just think it’s fantastic that people are still making statements through events like this.

“The North can sometimes get overshadowed by the South so having events like this is fantastic.

“We are all about the North and it will be a boost to the seaside economy.”

He added: “With the Utahs we have always had a real cross section of people who like our music and we have tried to bridge the two things.”

Like many people who live inland, Jez is a big fan of visiting Whitby for its world famous selection of fish and chips. “I live in Leeds but I come across – if I want fish and chips I will come to Whitby,” he said.

The Utahs will be playing at The Met Lounge & Ballroom along with other acts including: Zeitgeist Zero, The Black Riders Cult, Expelaires and The Lost Souls.

The music will continue long into the night, with a DJ set playing until 2am.

Kirstin Lavender of Leeds-based Absinthe Promotions, the organisers behind the event, said: “Following on from the Stoker on Stoker weekend last April, I decided to bring more music to Whitby by re-uniting dance & Goth.

“Utah Saints still do have a huge Goth following because of some of the heavy guitar based riffs in their songs, and thought it was time these two came back together, paired up with many other brilliant goth bands on the bill.”

The Utah Saints will be playing at 3pm at The Met Lounge & Ballroom on Saturday, October 28.

Tickets for the Utahs and the full festival can be purchased at: www.seetickets.com.

They are priced at £22 per person.

Club only tickets are available on the door after midnight, and are priced at £5.

The Utah Saints have released nine UK top 40 hits, four of which hit the top 10.

They have also sold over two million records worldwide.

You can follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UtahSaintsFanpage.

Kirstin Lavender organised the event during the last Goth Weekend that saw the great grand nephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker, visit town to unveil the mysteries behind the Dracula links to Whitby.

It was supplemented by performances from members of Whitby Amateur Dramatic Society, who appeared on stage to read sections of Dracula and Bram’s letters.

It was followed by a club night also held at The Met Lounge & Ballroom.