The Ultimate Gin Crawl puts Whitby tea room on its must visit list

Rusty Shears has made The Ultimate Gin Crawl around the UK, joining 99 other gin bars.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 9:20 am
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 9:28 am
Rusty Shears, Silver Street, Whitby

The quirky vintage tearoom, hidden away on Silver Street, stocks over 100 gins and is a perfect haunt for any G&T fanatic in Whitby, with a courtyard for summer drinkers, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for those who visit in winter.

Researchers have taken the top 100 gin bars across the country and created the ultimate gin bar crawl, showing you how you can visit every single one of them within the shortest most efficient route possible.

The full UK gin bar crawl map

Although not advised, a ‘non-stop’ crawl taking a drink at every bar would take you 4 days, 19 hours and 11 minutes to complete covering a total distance of 3153.18 miles.

The tour would take you to a total of 40 UK cities including London, Manchester, and Aberdeen with the chance to see some of the UK’s most famous landmarks while on route including Buckingham Palace, the Angel of the North and more.

Travellers can start at any point, but calculations show that St Ives is the best place to start, working your way up the country and then over-seas to Ballymena.

If you were to take this route, Rusty Shears would be the 86th gin joint you visit, preceeded by the No.3 Gin Club and followed by the Tin of Sardines in Durham.

A gin cocktail at Rusty Shears

The average distance between each bar is 50 minutes but there are some dry patches giving you the chance to kip or grab something to eat. The longest is between Glasgow and Belfast, giving you an 8 hour break.

The most you’ll have to pay for a Gin whilst on the crawl would be £14.00 at The Gin Palace, Strand near Covent Garden London and the cheapeast would be £3.30 at The Butcher and Tonic in Lancaster. The Gin Spa in Scotland do however offer a complementary glass along with a spa booking for those looking to take a bit of a break once they reach the north.

Matt Davis at Activity Superstore said: “The Ultimate Gin Crawl map is a fun way to explore some of the best specialty gin bars in the UK. If you’re a gin lover, why not grab a few friends and a designated driver (who isn’t drinking) and start ticking off the list of locations in our guide.

“We do not recommend drinking in all of the 100 gin bars in a short time period and we want to highlight that people must be responsible with their approach. We do not expect anyone to try the full ‘crawl’ within 4 days, especially without sleep and food in between.

“We weren’t surprised to find the most expensive G&T was in London, but it’s good that we found a few cheaper options to add to our guide in the capital too”.

To see the full gin bar crawl, click here.