Two weddings and four dresses for Whitby girl

Mr and Mrs Rajabali
Mr and Mrs Rajabali

A Whitby woman has married the man of her dreams twice in two weeks.

Claire Bryant (27), a former pupil at Whitby Community College, married Idris Rajabali at a traditional Indian ceremony, before heading back to St Hilda’s priory for an old-fashioned white wedding.

The Indian wedding took place over three separate events in London between December 12-14 and Claire said: “The Indian weddings were extremely fun, interesting, beautiful and busy but they were also overwhelming as I didn’t always know what to expect or do, so there were moments when I had to take a breather. But I’m so glad we did them all. I have never experienced anything quite like the Indian weddings.”

For the Indian weddings, Claire wore a number of different Indian dresses, called sari, and then wore a white dress back in Whitby.

Among the Muslim traditions including the Imam reciting blessings in Arabic and asking Claire if she was getting married by choice. Idris also gifted his wife £52, a lucky number in Islam.

Muslim ceremonies are called the Nikkah and are not legally binding in the UK, but it means the couple were married under Islamic law.

With two weddings to host, Claire’s father will be relieved that Idris’ parents offered to pay for the Muslim ceremonies.