Two Caedmon pupils and a BBC show

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A PAIR of former Caedmon pupils have reunited for the new series of BBC Three’s Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Actor Sam Barnett and BBC producer Michelle Farr (both 30) had not worked together on a theatrical production since they were both involved in Caedmon’s rendition of Oklahoma, over a decade ago.

Michelle, omedy producer at the BBC, said: “We got back in touch about 12 years after I left Whitby.

“We had seen each other socially but he has never been into casting for me until this.”

Sam, who’s mother still lives in Levisham, said: “It all depends on what part comes up and this was probably the first part she felt I was right for.”

“It was quite weird because normally it’s quite formal, but when I walked in the room Michelle was just sat there and it was just like being back at school.”

Sam received critical acclaim on stage, screen and radio for his role in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, and it was around that time that the two former schoolmates met again.

Michelle added: “I went to see him in a play in 2004 and we went for a coffee and we have stayed in touch ever since.

“Whenever we say we went to school together people assume it was Cambridge, not Caedmon!”

Details of the show, set in Runcorn near Liverpool, are restricted at the moment, but the Gazette can reveal that Sam will play the love interest of a regular character in the show.

Sam said: “All I have done so far is some filming in Runcorn.

“Next week we are going to studios at the BBC and we start rehearsing and filming in front of a studio audience.

“I tend to get more dramatic roles but I think my love is for comedy so it’s really great that Michelle got me into it.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is now in its ninth series, and this will be the second with Michelle at the helm.

She said: “I was a runner in series four and I took over in series eight.

“It’s an odd process, running the show that I was a runner for.”

Her role involves bringing together all the different elements of the show, and casting is just one of her responsibilities.

She added: “Producers oversee the whole show really, from start to finish.

“They get the crew together, choose the writers in the first place, choose the right director, even supervising editing after filming.”

Filming for the latest series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps began in January and is expected to be shown on BBC Three later this year.