Tutors say ‘weld done’ for Charlotte’s horse

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An Ugglebarnby student wowed teachers with a life-size steel replica of a horse and her foal – after her grandfather taught her to weld.

Charlotte McAdam, 19, took on the ambitious project as part of her one-year foundation course at the Scarborough School of Arts’ Westwood campus.

Charlotte McAdam's horse and foal.

Charlotte McAdam's horse and foal.

Although she has been drawing horses all her life, her college brief this time was a little more challenging – to reinterpret a painting through 3D sculpture.

She enlisted the help of her grandfather Peter, who works for Whitby company Dock End Engineering, in creating the 16 hands high horse from a Stubbs painting.

“He taught me to weld,” said Charlotte. “It was great for him to be able to teach me and to spend time with him doing what he does.

“It was quite a lot of trial and error as I’d never made something like that before.

“I got quite comfortable using the welder and hydraulic cutter but it took a lot of practice.”

Despite adding a new string to her bow, the project did not progress without mishaps – Charlotte set fire to her hair during one piece of welding!

But the blood, sweat and tears was all worth it in the end.

After 53 hours and using more than 300 metres of quarter inch round steel, the horse Petra and her foal Jordan were complete.

“It has to be made convincing as a horse, as it has to follow the bone structure,” said former Fyling Hall student Charlotte.

Her sculpture was modelled on the larger of her two horses Toy Boy – particularly his face.

“Having my own horses helped,” she said.

“It helps being around them and knowing them as I’ve drawn them all my life.”

When Petra and Jordan arrived at the college in a horse box, here course tutors were amazed.

Charlotte was delighted to receive a distinction from her tutors, as well as a prize for the most impressive student.

They’d also said that if she took the exhibit to an auction house in London, it would sell immediately.

Her mum Coleen added: “We are so proud of her.”

The horse and foal were due to be exhibited at a house near to Charlotte’s family home, to mark the 90th birthday of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society, as part of an open garden event.

Charlotte is now going to study a course in theatre and set design at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in September.