A truly amazing Showcase in Whitby

The students of Colebrooke Media took to the Whitby Pavilion stage for this first time in a Showcase Extravaganza.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 2:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 2:05 pm
Imogen Peagam stars in Maria in the Sound of Music

The show consisted of 30 students who have attended classes regularly since September to work on the show.

The showcase, directed by Chris and Chanelle Colebrooke and cousin Jessica Jarman, included a variety of drama, dance and song.

The full cast

The show included a

variety of miniature performances building up to make the Showcase.

Performances included The Forest of Enchantment which saw Romi Page as Mother Nature and Elise Leadley as Mini Mother Nature, wake up the

enchanted forest and receive performances from the likes of Rapunzel, Baloo, Mowgli, Princess Aurora and the Three Good Fairies.

Darcey Boushall as Annie, singing Tomorrow.

“It was truly amazing,” said Chris.

“As soon as that curtain lifted they switched on their charm and effort and just kept on giving – the audience were loving it and I am so proud of them.”

Amidst the fairy tales and loveable classics was the final instalment of The Monarchy, a breath-taking performance given by the company’s elder drama pupils.

“I knew it would be hard to pull this off in the correct manner, but on the night they outdid themselves and I had goose bumps in the wings.

The full cast

“As it was my first show I received many messages of congratulations and from other professionals in the area too, to which I am truly thankful, but one or two messages included more personal reviews.

“One of them wrote about Rosie Young who played Queen Elizabeth in The Monarchy, on two separate occasions.

“She was praised for her magnificent performance in the role and how well she performed as the Queen.

“I think personally the Queen herself would have been proud – as am I.

Darcey Boushall as Annie, singing Tomorrow.

“The Showcase may be done and dusted but we are already so excited for next year and we have lots of things coming up this year to keep us busy.”

Kevin Page and Val Laws of LP Dance Centre wrote to the Gazette to express their appreciation of the performance and say how the stage was “bursting with talent”.

They added: “The excitement and enthusiasm from all the children shone out and made us feel exceptionally proud of Whitby’s youth.”