Tributes to Red Arrows’ pilot killed in plane crash

Whitby Regatta 2011
Whitby Regatta 2011

LESS than a week since their display at Whitby Regatta, the Red Arrows lost team member Red Four in a tragic crash during an air display in the south of England.

The late Flt Lt Jon Egging was pronounced dead at the scene after his plane crashed near Bournemouth during an air display in Dorset.

Paying tribute to Mr Egging, Red 10, Graeme Bagnall spoke exclusively to the Whitby Gazette and said: “I would say nothing more than he will be sorely missed, we love him, and he will be forever with us when we fly in the future.

“We humbly hope we are able to honour him, his widow, Dr Emma Egging, and his family in our flying.”

The Red Arrows flew into Whitby Regatta on Monday 15 August, and left thousands of crowds cheering and clapping from all view points around the town.

President of Whitby Regatta, Jane Kenyon said: “Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife and family, and to all his colleagues in the Red Arrows.

“The Red Arrows are essentially a team and a family who risk their lives to serve the country and to give us spectacular displays at such events as Whitby Regatta.”

She said the Red Arrows have been coming to Whitby and been a highlight of the regatta for around 40 years.

If you would like to leave a message of condolence, you can do so through the Red Arrows website via:

After leaving your personal message, it may then be featured in a book of condolences which is currently being displayed outside the RAF base at Scampton.

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