Tribute to local Photographer Frank Readman

Frank Readman, a beloved local photographer and volunteer, passed away on February 26, at the age of 94.

Born October 7 1920, at 167 Church Street, Frank left school at just 14 and got a summer job cleaning boots and shoes at Morningside Hotel.

In 1935 he joined the Whitby Naturalists and later joined the Parks Department as a gardener.

In 1944 he went to work for Quartons Gardens at New Garden off Green Lane.

He opened his own Photography business at 167 Church Street, but was forced to move across the road in 1971, after the council knocked down the building. Poor health forced him to retire in 1980.

Besides photography Frank’s great love was for theatre. He would regularly attend the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough and helped set up The Friends group serving on the committee, until suffering a stroke in 1980.

He was a keen volunteer at St Mary’s Parish Church and was Honorary Curator of the coin section at Whitby Museum until the early 1990’s.

Frank moved to Scarborough in 1997, in order to visit the theatre more regularly. He passed away peacefully at the Rambla nursing home .