Tribute to ‘daredevil’ Adam

Adam Sykes
Adam Sykes
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A MOTHER has paid tribute to her “daredevil” son whose “luck ran out” when he fell from the cliff tops in Whitby.

Adam Sykes loved nature and loved being outside and his family believe he had been taking an early morning stroll when he fell to his death almost a fortnight ago.

His body was found on the beach near the Battery Parade at about 8am on Sunday 11 December.

Mum Maureen Craven told the Gazette just the evening before his death, chef Adam had been downloading films on to his computer and was part way through making a Christmas cake for the family.

She said that being 29 and living with her and stepdad Brian, he would often spend time in his converted van chilling out, reading and listening to music and it wasn’t unusual for him to stay in the van overnight.

Maureen said Adam, who had been living in Whitby about a year, loved the town and its surroundings and would spend hours on the balcony of their flat at Kirby’s or on the Spion Kop looking out to sea.

She said: “He did like Whitby. He liked the sea, the fresh air, the countryside.

“He had a mountain bike and used to cycle on the Cinder Track to Robin Hood’s Bay. He would say ‘why are you watching the telly when you can watch that outside?’

“He would go on the Spion Kop and sit at the end, the times I would say ‘sit on a bench, you will slip’ but it would not have crossed his mind he might fall.

“He never saw the danger in anything which is a nice way to live your life but he has paid for it in a big way.”

From a young age Adam had plenty of what his family – including his two older sisters Sarah and Emma and younger brother Rick – would call ventures.

Maureen recalls when he was two he lost part of his finger after trapping it in a door and when he was five he gave army soldiers manning a slide the fright of their lives when he came down upside down at speed.

She said there was also the time he got knocked off his new bike when he was seven by the neighbour and flew over the bonnet and the numerous times he fell off his motorbike – an 18th birthday present – until it ended up scattered along a half- mile stretch of road with a warning from the police to take more care.

His stroll along the cliff tops less than a stone’s throw from where his van is parked proved one adventure too far though.

Maureen added: “We don’t know what happened, there is CCTV but I don’t think anybody actually knows.

“Because of the tide times and he wasn’t wet and there wasn’t a mark on his face we think he has got up really early done his famous phrase he would always come out with, ‘I am going for a bit of a wander’, stepped over the black fencing and lost his footing.”

A non-religious humanist funeral service took place at Scarborough Crematorium on Tuesday where Maureen had written a poem for Adam and the scrapes he used to get into were relayed to the 70 plus family and friends.

Adam loved reading about Egypt and India and intended to travel there next year so his family are now planning to make the trip themselves and scatter his ashes on the River Ganges.