Trenchers goes to Peterhead to catch some new skills

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Trenchers Restaurant in Whitby is set to embark on an educational study trip to North-East Scotland next week as part of the 2016 National Fish and Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.

The eight finalists from two award categories – Best Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award and Best Newcomer Award – have been invited to take part in the exclusive trip, which is organised by awards sponsor Seafood Scotland and funded by The Scottish Seafood Partnership.

As a finalist of the Best Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award, Trenchers Restaurant will visit the port of Peterhead.

The port is a key area within the UK for the landing and processing of whitefish species, accounting for around 79 per cent of all UK whitefish landings.

Trenchers Manager Andrew Wilkinson said: “We are delighted to be named in the top five Independent Fish and Chip Restaurants and to be given the chance to visit Peterhead. We are very much looking forward to learning more about the source and sustainability of the fish we serve to our customers.”

While there, the Trenchers team and other finalists will learn about the quality, freshness and availability of fish from the North-East for the fish frying industry and other parts of the UK food sector.

They will see for themselves the way in which sustainability is at the forefront of the Scottish fishing market, and how traditional skills are used alongside modern technology.

They will also begin to understand the socio-economic importance of Scotland’s busiest port and the wider impact it has on the industry as a whole.

Mel Groundsell, corporate relations director of Seafish, said: “I cannot stress enough the importance of these educational study trips.

“To encourage a sustainable future, it’s vital that fish and chip shops not only serve the best fish and chips but are also aware of supply chains and have a strong understanding of the wider seafood industry.”

The National Fish and Chip Awards celebrate the great British tradition of fish and chips, recognising the best talent, quality and choice offered.