Trekking at the heart strings with pony ride

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AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD from Danby has raised money for those less fortunate by organising a sponsored pony ride with her friends.

Rosie Hodgson wanted to raise money for Children In Need to set about doing something to help.

Their route took them first to Danby Village Hall where there was a Christmas fair in progress. The cavalcade caused considerable interest and resulted in generous donations.

Further along they encountered a number of hikers who took photographs of them and again made donations.

A second stop was made at Danby Moors Centre where there was a similar event and more donations. As a result, the youngsters’ efforts finally amounted to a total of £140.

Spokesman for the group Alison Hodgson said: “We were fortunate that it was a lovely sunny day and people gave generously.”

In addition to Rosie the young riders were Sasha Buckworth and Izzy Kirby, both aged six, Maisie Todd aged seven and Rosie’s big sister Holly aged 16. Sasha was led by her mum Sarah.