Tree houses top list for Green Lane field

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New play equipment is just one of the ideas that is set to be implemented to improve facilities for residents on the east side of Whitby.

It was the top suggestion that came out of a public consultation asking people what they would like to see done to improve the playing fields on Green Lane.

Over 80 people, including 40 children, turned out to the event last week.

There was a barbecue run by Sandra and Ted Smith, arts and crafts activities and games also at the event which were organised by Jane Baxter, a project worker at the Eastside Community Centre.

It had been arranged off the back of the Action Eastside Plan - drawn up over the last year to help improve the infrastructure for people living and working on that side of the town.

In the past residents have said there are a lack of play facilities in that area for children and that anything would be an improvement.

They also said the goal posts has encouraged kids to play together and it would be good to keep the maintenance fo the field up.

There were display boards with suggestions and people were encouraged to add their contributions.

The most popular ideas were a timber play area, traditional play equipment, seats and picnic tables a zipline and a skate park.

Some of the ideas can be worked on straight away such as play equipment.

Tom Mutton of Groundwork, who has developed the Action Eastside Plan, said: “I am delighted to see so many people getting involved and giving us so many ideas.

“We hope to start with some simple equipment as soon as possible”.

Liz Dowson, a senior regeneration officer, added: “It was good to see so many children, obviously having a good time and enjoying the space and wonderful weather”.

Other options suggested were lighting, dog bins and flowers.