Woman found in sea revived

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A WOMAN found floating in the sea was resuscitated by Whitby’s lifeboat crew last Thursday.

The woman, believed to be from the Kent area, was found floating unconscious in the sea near Whitby Pavilion by Whitby’s inshore lifeboat team at around 10.20pm.

Whitby police had received reports of a woman sat on the beach steps near to Whitby Pavilion – and she is reported to have wandered into the water fully clothed.

By the time the lifeboat arrived, she was believed to have been in the water for around 10 minutes.

After pulling the casualty out of the water she was laid on the sea wall and the lifeboat crew proceeded to perform CPR, successfully reviving the woman in the process.

She was then taken by Whitby Coastguard’s pick-up truck to the clifftops, where she was transferred to an ambulance and taken to Scarborough Hospital.