Who’s The Daddy?

Whitby's lifeboat tows The Daddy back to Whitby
Whitby's lifeboat tows The Daddy back to Whitby

WHITBY lifeboat came to the rescue of a small boat with a big attitude on Saturday.

The Daddy, a 16-foot pleasure craft, had broken down 11 miles off Whitby at around 11.30am and was stranded.

The two persons on board, who were from the Pontefract area, contacted Humber Coastguard, who were able to despatch the RNLI lifeboat.

Whitby coxswain Mike Russell said: “It was only a tiny little thing.

“It’s a bit distressing when you see them so far out to sea, it’s a long way for such a small boat.”

The lifeboat was able to establish a tow and brought the vessel back into Whitby harbour, arriving back at around 2.30pm.

Another RNLI lifeboat, travelling north, was able to snap this photograph of the Whitby lifeboat towing the stricken vessel.