Whitby lifeboat busiest in Yorkshire

Whitby Lifeboat Crew
Whitby Lifeboat Crew

WHITBY’S lifeboat crew were the busiest on the Yorkshire Coast last year – helping to save 81 lives.

They spent a total of 327 hours at sea carrying out 46 launches as well as training exercises.

The all weather lifeboat, The George and Mary Webb, was launched 21 times and the inshore vessel the OEM Stone III was requested 25 times.

It means the Whitby lifeboat was also the sixth busiest in the north of England.

The crew only has two full time employees, coxswain Mike Russell and mechanic Glenn Goodberry. The rest is made up of volunteers.

The call out that sticks in Glenn’s mind was when the Chieftain broke down out at sea opposite the Pavilion and was being dragged towards the beach with 15 people on-board.

Both lifeboats were tasked with towing it back to the harbour but in rough sea the Chieftain collided with and damaged the all weather boat, putting it out of action while it was repaired.

Whitby’s colleagues up the coast on the Staithes and Runswick lifeboat were launched 10 times and rescued 13 people using its Atlantic in-shore vessel.