Trespass warning for walkers

Walkers using the Whitby to Ruswarp route alongside the railway line and river bank are still committing trespass.

On-going works over the last few months to create a safe footpath link are hoped to be completed shortly but until then people are legally classed as trespassing on the line.

The project is being carried out in partnership between Whitby In Bloom, Network Rail, The Civic Society, Groundwork, Gateway and the Ruswarp Garden Group after many years of campaigning by local residents.

Completion of the last section has been delayed because of some necessary work which has had to be carried out on the electricity box .

Once that has been done the last section of fence will be erected and access to the road through Ruswarp will be allowed through a gate in the corner.

Susan Davies, ex chair of Whitby in Bloom, said: “I’ve had a number of people seeking to clarify if they are still trespassing when walking this route.

“I’m advised by Network Rail that the answer at present is yes, for now. It is good that people have welcomed this improvement to our enjoyment of the countryside, just a little more patience.

“Then maybe the people from Sleights will work together to create an extension along the Carrs that would be wonderful.”