Terms agreed for management of harbour

THE BOARD set up to run the harbour and surrounding areas in Whitby has come to an agreement over how it will operate.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Whitby Harbour Board and Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) was approved this week setting out a framework for accountability, decision making and financial management of the harbour.

It will eventually see the board run the Port of Whitby as a commercial business.

After months of deliberations a comprehensive list of assets which will come under the harbour board’s remit has been drawn up

It doesn’t mention the East Pier lighthouse but does include the one on the West Pier as well as the mooring pontoons, the fish quay and ice plant, the licences for the stalls, land in front of the Dolphin pub, the harbour dredging pump and the pilot boat among several other items.

The reserve budget available to the board for 2011/2012 is £201,126 but SBC is ploughing in a one off investment figure of £50,000 and a further £30,000 will come from the Endeavour Wharf scheme which will see money re-invested in the harbour.

At the meeting held at Sneaton Castle on Tuesday Ian Anderson, SBC head of legal and support services, said: “When we come to the end of the financial year we will need a new budget and business plan and that will set out how the harbour board see the future. It will be what happens after that that will be the issue. There may be requirement for additional investment into the harbour.”

He said while there had been a description of the harbour assets there was still some confusion but the harbour team at Whitby were producing a list having been asked to add the main revenue producing assets.

Mr Anderson added: “With this added we have a complete document and a firm basis to enter the next financial year.”

Laurie Farmer, vice-chair of the board, added: “This has been quite a drawn out process that could have been sorted some while ago. The document we can use as a basis, we need to get hold of the other assets before we can sign it off but we are substantially there.”

It was agreed that the Memorandum of Understanding be approved with a condition the assets report is added later.