Stranded in Stainsacre

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RESIDENTS in Stainsacre have found themselves cut off from the rest of Whitby after a busy bus route was changed this week.

To cope with increased demand from tourists, Arriva have replaced the number X93 service with double-decker buses.

However, this means that the service can no longer run through Stainsacre as it would need to pass under the low bridge on Stainsacre Lane, heading in to the village.

Stainsacre resident Hilda Scaife said that residents were completely unaware that the change was coming in to force, and many people have found themselves stranded.

“Everybody is a bit irate,” she said. “It just happened overnight.”

“I went out this morning to get the bus and there was a lady there, most upset because she had a doctor’s appointment and no bus.

“They need double decker buses because of the volume of holidaymakers. But to say they are just going to have double decker buses and nothing coming into this village, I think it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Those using the bus service are predominantly elderly or disabled but they must now alight the bus at Summerfield Garage on the A171 and walk back in to the village.

Mrs Scaife added: “I live next door to a disabled couple. She’s in a wheelchair and he pushes her to the bus stop. But he can’t push her all the way into town.”

A spokesperson for Arriva said that the change in service had been advertised on the buses and at bus stops in the previous weeks.

Nick Knox, area managing director for Arriva North East, said: “Due to the popularity of the service X93 it is now operated using double decker buses in order to accommodate the number of people wishing to travel. Unfortunately this means that we are no longer able to operate via our usual route through Stainsacre due to the low bridge.

“We are in discussions with North Yorkshire County Council to try to come up with an alternative route that will benefit the residents of Stainsacre.”

However, there is no indication as to when the bus service will be restored to Stainsacre, with residents remaining cut off for the foreseeable future.

Bus users have also reported that single decker buses continue to be used on the route, yet Stainsacre is still missed out.