Stormy seas make routine tow a four hour job

The Whitby lifeboat tows the Pamela S to safety
The Whitby lifeboat tows the Pamela S to safety

WHAT should have been a routine tow turned into a four hour job for the Whitby lifeboat due to bad weather and stormy seas.

The crew were launched at 1.45pm on Monday to assist the Pamela S fishing trawler which had engine problems.

Pamela S and the four crew on board were about three miles off the coast of Whitby and had to leave their catch for the day in nets on the sea bed with markers to collect later.

The lifeboat connected a tow rope and brought Pamela S back to Whitby harbour but it was deemed too dangerous to proceed.

It was decided to take the Pamela S to Hartlepool and Humber Coastguard asked the Hartlepool lifeboat to take over.

Whitby’s lifeboat returned to the boathouse and was refuelled and ready for service again by 5.45pm.

A spokesperson for Whitby lifeboat said: “We got as far as Saltburn and the Hartlepool lifeboat came out and took over.

“At the harbour entrance it was a very confused sea so the safest bet for the boat and the crew was to take them to a port that was not suffering from the same conditions.

“If something goes wrong and the tow line snaps within seconds the boat could be dragged onto the rocks.”