Shouts short but sweet for crew

THE STAITHES and Runswick lifeboat launched twice within a week in two of its quickest shouts this year so far.

The first call was to a surfer who was struggling in rough seas just outside the harbour after the crew were alerted by the Humber Coastguard.

His board had snapped clean in half and the lifeboat was on the scene within 15 seconds. They found the surfer with a friend making their way to shore.

After establishing they didn’t need any medical attention the lifeboat returned to station, all within three minutes.

That was on the afternoon of Sunday 28 October and last Friday the lifeboat was called into action again.

At 12.55pm the crew got reports of people being cut off by the tide between Skinningrove and Saltburn.

The volunteers on the lifeboat launched and established communications with Humber coastguard.

As they were heading towards Skinningrove, ready with binoculars to begin searching the shoreline, the coastguard confirmed the people were safe and well and the lifeboat could stand down and return to station.

A station spokesperson said: “This just shows the unpredictability of the shouts our volunteers deal with. These two were very short but when your pager goes off you never know what type of job you are going to.

“You may be at sea for hours or in this case minutes. Part of this is what makes it such a rewarding and challenging thing to do.”