Road to hell for residents

Workmen on Prospect Hill
Workmen on Prospect Hill

ROAD re-surfacing has not gone down very well with some residents who have been awoken by works vehicles from 4.30am.

On Thursday morning residents of Prospect Hill in Whitby were given an early wake up call when workmen and lorries rolled up and started setting up metal stands and dragging road signs across the street.

They left at 6am when it started to rain but were back again at the crack of dawn the following day (Friday).

One resident who queried the start time with the workers claims he was told “to go to bed earlier” and that works were being carried out at that time because the weather was better.

On Monday the workmen were back at 5am and a road sweeper travelled up and down the road at half hour intervals complete with a claxon for when it was reversing.

Local resident Peter Horbury told the Gazette: “My bottles of aftershave, cans of deodorant were all dancing on the dresser due to the vibration from this machine. With the high walls of the opposite estate and house, Upper Bauldbyes, the noise is in an acoustic tunnel, magnifies and bounces straight into our properties.

“They were dragging metal signs down the street, chucking the cones on to the street, vehicles arriving one after the other and reversing one after the other.

“It was totally irresponsible, uneccessary and disrespectful to be up at 4.30am honking the horns.”

He added that traffic jams caused on Saturday by roadworks on the A171 near the Aislaby turn off could have been avoided by doing these works in the early hours not mid morning when tourists would have been arriving.

Another resident and b&b owner added that a couple of guests had commented on the noise.

Other areas where re-surfacing has been taking place is Helredale Road, The Carrs, Eskdaleside at Sleights and Newholm.

Nick West, highways area manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said the roadworks were part of a borough wide £1.5 million programme of surface dressing.

It has to be carried out between May and August because the road needs to be a certain temperature for the materials used to take effect and Mr West added that with July and August being the busiest time of the year in Whitby it needed to be done before then.

He added: “There has been some disruption but it has been fairly minimal. Because they came at 5am a lot is done before people get up but the downside is you might have a roller in the early hours which is unfortunate.

“We would rather that than at 9am with traffic lights on the school run and everything else but accept perhaps there should have been a letter drop making this clear.”

He added that over the next few weeks the roads which have been upgraded will be re-marked.