Ride out parking concerns, says town council

Locals should use the park and ride instead of visitors and permit plans should be retained in a bid to solve the town’s congestion problems, claim Whitby Town Council.

In a closely contested vote the council voted eight against six in favour of having a permit scheme across the town.

North Yorkshire County Council is currently re-consulting with the public after its original plan to deal with the town’s parking problems was met with objection and criticism.

The complex 11 zone scheme was thrown out and a single zone suggested that doesn’t include parts of Church Street, the east side or the Fishburn Park estate.

There are concerns these areas will end up busier as people park there for free. Businesses, such as guest houses, feel they will be left out of pocket providing scratch cards for customers - or because people will be put off from visiting the town altogether.

But, at Tuesday night’s meeting, there was support from councillors led by Coun Noreen Wilson who lives in the Upgang Lane area of town.

She said: “Rose Avenue is going to be a car park. Guest houses will say ‘don’t pay, go on Rose Avenue’. I am amazed nobody has been killed on Upgang Lane this summer.

“There is a myth that there is all this free parking – it is just not there. I have to throw my hat in the ring and say I was in favour of the first plan - it was good.

“People are seeing problems that just don’t exist. I will probably get hate mail but I have ticked the box for my street to be put back in the zone.”

Coun Niall Carson said there were flaws with the revised scheme as it didn’t cater for people who live in outlying villages but visit town on a daily basis.

He said: “If you live in Lealholm you will be treated in exactly the same way as if you are from Leeds, London or Lisbon. Whitby is still their local service centre - you have to go there to see a solicitor, bank manager or whatever. There has to be something for the people in the villages.”

Deputy Mayor, Coun Heather Coughlan said she hoped town centre workers from the villages would use park and ride and be encouraged to shop in town because they could hop on and off a bus without having to carry heavy bags.

She added: “If we do get park and ride please park in it- it is for us and not for visitors.”

Coun Phil Trumper added that if Whitby was to maintain its status as a tourist attraction, investments have to be made to the infrastructure.