Residents thwarted in bid to ban permits

Business owners and residents in Whitby are planning on taking a campaign, to stop parking charges from ruining their livelihoods, to the Ombudsman.

Councillors decided at a meeting on Wednesday that parking zones and permits should still be implemented in Whitby, despite more than 80% of the people of the town being against it.

A group of locals fighting the proposals had hoped that the decision, which had been called in to a scrutiny committee, would have been vetoed or at least postponed given the concern surrounding it.

But it was agreed to stick with a decision made at a county council meeting last month, where Whitby councillors weren’t even allowed to take part and represent locals’ views because of rules over ‘interests’.

There will be a few amendments to the zones but it still has not been made clear exactly what the charges for parking, scratch cards and the permits will be.

The objectors are also in turn querying the figures being cited for the park and ride because the town centre parking charges are intended to offset the running costs of that.

Mathew Brown, from Dillons guest house on Chubb Hill, is fronting the group and following Wednesday’s meeting in Northallerton he said they were looking at a formal complaint questioning the processes the council went through in making its decision.

He added: “It is not what we were looking for, we were looking for a postponement for 12 months so data could be gathered and and we could put something in that benefits the town, because this does not.

“A lot of people like the idea of a park and ride if it is self-funding and doesn’t adversely affect tourism, business and locals. No-one is saying totally get rid of it - people were genuine in finding a compromise.

“It does not take an expert to see the flaws in this. There are too many question marks in this for it to be pushed forward. It is infuriating and disheartening.”