Pensioner at her Whitsend

A PENSIONER became trapped by the tide near Whitsend car park last Tuesday afternoon, leaving Whitby’s Coastguard with a dilemma about how to rescue her.

The 65-year-old had been walking her dog with her husband and although not in immediate peril, she suffered from a medical complaint that meant she was unable to climb the emergency steps beside the car park and so was stranded, just yards from safety.

The coastguard responded to the call after it became clear that the lifeboat would be unable to remove the pensioner by boat due to the extensive rocks that surround the small pebble beach.

A decision was then taken to remove her by stretcher and she was pulled up the sea wall to safety.

A spokesperson for the coastguard said: “She had some medical complaints that meant she couldn’t get up the steps.

“They had walked their dog around the beach at Sandsend and when the tide came in she couldn’t get up the steps.

“They are for emergency use but for an able-bodied person, so removing her by stretcher was the easiest option.”