Parking plans given go-ahead

Parking on West Cliff''w133220b
Parking on West Cliff''w133220b

The final touches to Whitby’s parking restrictions scheme were rubber stamped on Wednesday afternoon, with many residents remaining dead set against the plans.

Eleven members of the public were able to speak at the latest meeting of North Yorkshire County Council’s Yorkshire Coast and Moors County Area Committee on Wednesday.

Most expressed their continuing opposition to the parking restrictions, while others accepted that the amendments which have been made were an improvement.

Instead of 11 separate zones, there will now be a single area encompassing a much smaller area including upper Church Street, Bagdale and North Promenade, but omitting the Fishburn Park area.

Whitby councillors Joe Plant and David Chance both obtained dispensations which allowed them to remain in the meeting and make speeches, as well as propose amendments and vote on issues.

Had this been the case at the previous meeting where the decision to go ahead with the plan was taken, both Cllrs Plant and Chance said they would have followed public opinion and voted against the motion. This would have caused it to fail and the parking restriction plans would have been thrown out.

It was also revealed that money would be made available for amendments if problems arose at a later date.

Cllr Chance said: “What we have got here is going to be the best we are going to get and for that reason I support it.”

Cllr Eric Broadbent was one who voted against the plans, but he said the shift to one zone and the reduction in size has created a better scheme, which he could support. “This amendement does allay some of my fears,” he said.

Cllr Plant gave a history of the park and ride plan which was first proposed back in 1998. It was revealed that through consultations and plans drawn up since then, the local authority had spent £890,000 before any construction at the A171 Guisborough Road site.

However, the plans were not unanimously accepted by the councillors, with Filey’s Sam Cross speaking out against the plans.

“We’ve used a sledgehammer to crack a nut. “We are still in a situation where people are saying they don’t want it.

“I hope you are proved wrong and does benefit Whitby, but personally I don’t think it will happen and you have my sympathy.”