Parking firm axed after complaints

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CONTROVERSIAL parking company LDK has been given the boot following a Whitby Gazette campaign to oust them from Whitby station car park.

Northern Rail, which manages Whitby station, has cancelled LDK’s contract following a series of complaints by car park users who unfairly received parking tickets.

Whitby taxi driver John Tyreman received a parking ticket after helping a disabled fare from his taxi into the Co-operative supermarket.

When he returned, he found an LDK parking attendant issuing a ticket.

Although his appeal was initially rejected, LDK decided to rescind the ticket after the Whitby Gazette was able to prove the company’s claims about the incident were false.

On hearing of LDK’s dismissal, Mr Tyreman said: “They were so unfair to so many people.

“I thought they were over the top and I just thought they took things to the extremes and didn’t show any common sense. I do feel that Whitby will be better off without them and I haven’t got a great deal of sympathy for them.

“They truly deserve what they got.”

A spokesperson for Northern Rail said: “We are a member of the British Parking Association so we follow their guidance and guidelines.

“LDK are no longer managing the car park for us at Whitby.

“We operate around 400 stations across the north and have been doing a lot of work over the last year to try and bring some consistency by getting all the car parks under one umbrella.”

Northern Rail expect to now take responsibility for the managing of the car park.

Another victim of LDK’s policy was university lecturer Professor John Haycock, who received a letter from Northern Rail customer relations officer Neil Hebden.

The letter expressed sorrow at the treatment he had received and went on to state: “As a result of feedback such as yours Northern Rail has terminated its contract with LDK Security and they will no longer enforce the parking regulations at Whitby.”

When given the opportunity, Joe Osborn, managing director of LDK, declined to comment.