Parking charges set to increase

Parking charges in Whitby are to rise slightly from April.

Scarborough Council’s cabinet approved the changes at its meeting on Tuesday and although it needs to be ratified by the full council that is likely to be a formality.

Under the new charges the cost of parking for four, six and 24 hours in the Church Street, Marina Front, Endeavour and Marina Back car parks will rise by 50p.

A new £1.50 charge for parking in the Marina Front car park for one hour is being introduced.

The charge for parking for six hours at the Pavilion is also going up to £5 from £4 and the 24 hour charge is rising to £6 from £5.

A 24 hour charge of £7.50 at St Hilda’s will come into force from April.

Andy Skelton, the council’s director of delivery, said in his report: “In addition a new shorter stay tariff has been introduced at Marina Front and at the car parks in Robin Hood’s Bay following the receipt of requests from users of those car parks.”

He added: “The proposed changes to the tariffs at Robin Hood’s Bay are as a result of a request received from Fylingdales Parish Council.” The charges for a one and two hour stay in the Bay Bank Top and Bay Station car parks will be £1.50 and £2 respectively.

The borough council owns and operates a significant amount of the public off-street parking available within the borough. Receipts from parking provide the council with a substantial part of its annual revenue, estimated at £4 million.