Mum’s petition for road safety gathering pace


A MUM has launched a petition to get safety measures introduced down a busy Whitby road after a series of “near misses”.

Lisa McGovern, of Landsdowne Road, has collected hundreds of signatures and gained the support of nearby organisations and the county council as she attempts to get measures such as a zebra crossing and better signage introduced onto the road that lies between her neighbourhood and the rugby club playing fields.

The mum-of-three said: “We’re in a new property near the old dairy.

“The play area is opposite and kids here have had some near misses with cars that are going too fast.

“I want to make sure that none of the children in the neighbourhood have an accident.”

In addition to gathering hundreds of signatures, Mrs McGovern has also gained the support of Whitby Rugby Club, Stakesby School and local shops.

County councillor Jane Kenyon is also on board with the proposals and has instructed officers from the highways department to look into what measures can be imposed.

She said: “All parents need to know that when their children go to play they are safe.

“There’s no doubt that the rugby club facilities are gaining increasing usage and we need to ensure that people can cross from one side to the other in safety.”

Mrs McGovern met with Coun Kenyon last Thursday and added: “Jane saw how fast cars were going down the street and she told us she’s absolutely adamant that we were going to get a zebra crossing.

“She said there can be no price on a child’s life.”

“We just want a nice community so people can get together and this will really help us.

“Everyone is for it, it just needed someone to speak up and take a stand.”