More victims of ‘disgusting’ parking firm

Marie Humble with the parking ticket she was awarded at Whitby Station while dropping her child off for a few minutes''w111314   Picture: Ceri Oakes
Marie Humble with the parking ticket she was awarded at Whitby Station while dropping her child off for a few minutes''w111314 Picture: Ceri Oakes
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FOLLOWING a Gazette campaign to get a Good Samaritan taxi driver’s parking ticket refunded, more drivers have come forward to say they have been victimised at the same spot.

Marie Humble, of Stainsacre Lane, and Jean Brown, of Bishop Middleham, in County Durham, were both issued tickets at Whitby Station car park, despite believing they had broken no rules.

Mrs Humble and Mrs Fowler, a disabled driver, had arrived separately at the station to drop off their children for a school trip on the railway. When they returned to their cars they were shocked to discover that they had been issued with parking tickets.

Mrs Humble said: “We spoke to our children on the platform for one minute and then we left.

“As we got back to our cars we saw a parking attendant.

“She told us that it is a pay and display car park and that we did not have tickets.

“Mrs Fowler said to her ‘but we could have been getting change for the meter!’

“I could understand it if it was the middle of July and I was being a nuisance, but if I had let my child walk across the road I would have been sued for negligence.”

The lack of compromise with tickets does not just apply to those dropping off passengers, even those who actually buy a ticket may still be punished.

Mrs Brown, whose husband requires the use of a wheelchair, had actually bought a £7 ticket for the day and believed herself to be parked legally, but she said this did not stop an LDK official issuing her with a ticket: “We paid for a full day’s parking and we were in a disabled spot and we were not obstructing anybody.

“This man watched me get my husband out of the car and into a wheelchair and then put he the sticker on our car.

“I am disgusted that this sort of thing is allowed to happen.

“Car park attendants are supposed to be there to organise the car park and give help and advice, not discriminate against disabled people.”

Mrs Brown claimed that the parking attendant had walked past her vehicle while she and her husband were inside, so the parking official should have let her know if she wasn’t parked correctly.

Mrs Brown’s parking charge, issued by LDK, states that the ticket issued was for obstructive parking and for not parking wholly within a bay.

In a letter of complaint to LDK Mrs Humble added: “I’m gratified that you don’t discriminate as you consider all people, just look at the three tickets issued – elderly, disabled and children!”

A spokesman for Northern Rail, which manages Whitby Station, said: “We employ a third party contractor at Whitby station car park who we expect to be fair and reasonable.

“We have not received any complaints from customers, however we are investigating this situation to ensure this is the case.

“Anyone with a complaint should contact the Northern Rail Customer Relations team at”

Taxi driver John Tyreman was issued with an apology and had his ticket refunded by LDK after the Gazette helped prove that he had only stopped in the car park to assist and elderly, disabled passenger into the Co-op supermarket next door.