Lorry smash driver sought

OVER £4,500 worth of historic dry stone wall was destroyed when a lorry ploughed through it on Friday night.

The incident occurred on the A171 at Kirkmoor Beck when a large vehicle, thought to be a lorry, left the road and destroyed two dry stone walls and a large amount of fencing.

Despite the vehicle suffering a huge amount of damage, leaving debris at the scene, the driver has managed to drive away and has not reported the incident to the police, which occurred between 5pm on 6 July and 9am on 7 July.

A partial registration plate, stating ‘DK09’ was broken off and found by police at the scene.

Sgt Muckerjee of Whitby Police said: “We think the vehicle involved will be badly damaged, with missing lights and a bumper.

“We’re keen to find out if anyone has seen this incident, or the vehicle as it drove away.”

If anyone has witnessed the accident or has any information they should contact PC 705 Fiona Hawes by calling 101.