Lifeboat rescues same boat twice in as many weeks

The Lady Carol Ann under tow by the lifeboat
The Lady Carol Ann under tow by the lifeboat

The RNLI lifeboat crew was called to the aid of the Lady Carol Ann last Thursday, a fortnight after first rescuing the vessel.

The boat’s new owners had purchased the vessel from Hartlepool and attempted to sail it to Sheerness, on the Thames estuary. However, they only made it as far as Staithes, before the engine seized up and the boat was towed into Whitby harbour.

Last week, after the previous owner had seemingly fixed the engine, the London buyers again set off in the Lady Carol Ann for London, but this time only made it two miles along the coast, before the engine again gave out.

It was towed back into Whitby by the lifeboat, and remains in the upper harbour awaiting further repairs.

On Saturday afternoon at 5pm, the OEM Stone III was launched to assist a surfer, but he was found to not be in trouble.

Then, on Sunday, the lifeboat towed the small potting boat Deep Harmony back into the harbour after it suffered fuel problems while off Kettleness.

Later that day the lifeboat again launched to assist the 100-metre Dutch fishing vessel Ariadne, which was 70 miles offshore. A crewmember had fallen ill and was picked up by the ambulance service on arrival in Whitby.