Lifeboat called out to same vessel twice over weekend

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Whitby’s lifeboat was called out to the same vessel twice in less than 24 hours at the weekend.

The three strong crew of Corsair, a former fishing vessel turned private venture, had to make emergency repairs in Whitby harbour on Sunday afternoon after the boat started taking on water, amid fears it might sink in the harbour.

The first call out was at around 8.40pm on Saturday via Humber Coastguard.

Reports were that Corsair had electrical problems while two miles east of Staithes.

Escorted by Whitby’s lifeboat, it made its own way back to the harbour and moored for the night.

It left the harbour on Sunday but had turned right straight away at the harbour mouth instead of negotiating the bell bouy.

It ran aground on rocks at the east pier and started taking on water.

Corsair limped back into harbour and with assistance of the lifeboat started pumping the water out.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “A salvage pump was placed on board and pumping started, it was soon apparent the ingress of water was too great and the decision was made to beach the Crusader on the sand adjacent to the lifeboat station.”

But the skipper managed to repair the leak and at high water on Monday, Corsair left Whitby harbour for the third time.

The fifteen metre vessel was believed to have being making its way for Lowestoft for work to be carried out on its conversion from a fishing boat to a pleasure cruiser.