Harbour parking income debate

Members of Whitby Harbour Board supported a proposal to retain all of the income generated by car parking on Whitby Harbour land.

Currently the majority of the income is handed to Scarborough Borough Council, with the harbour board only retaining a small amount.

In 2010/11 the total income from parking was £773,962, but the Harbour board only received around £8,000.

Board member Sandra Turner said: “I would like to see the harbour board working closer with SBC to retain all the parking income which is generated on harbour land.

“If we had all that income we could really make some changes in Whitby Harbour and really give it the attention it requires.”

Coun Turner highlighted the results of the recent survey at Kiddies’ Corner to show how a lack of funds is restricting the amount of maintenance the board can commission. The survey discovered underscoring of the harbour wall and she said: “We just have to look at Kiddies’ Corner as a fine example of how everything that’s been looked at needs attention.

“Everything appertaining to harbour land should be going through the harbour board so we have something to address these issues. We can not carry on finding these minor defects and having no money to address them.”

Coun Mike Cockerill endorsed Coun Turner’s suggestion, adding that this was a matter felt strongly by the rest of the harbour board.

Brian Bennett, head of tourism and culture, pledged to take this matter to SBC’s heads of financial services and car parking.