Grosmont parking changes given the seal of approval

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A report by North Yorkshire County Council has said that the changes to the parking and traffic in Grosmont have been ‘well received and caused no particular issues’.

Grosmont attracts 300,000 visitors a year and there have been many complaints in the village about the restrictions for parking, leading to a trial year of changes that started last year.

Problems included a lack of waiting bays, blue badge holders staying in limited waiting bays for too long and the individual marking of parking bays.

The Yorkshire Coast and Moors County Area Committeee confirmed there was a delay in completing the road markings meaning the times weren’t implicated until early 2013.

In November, the Area Highways Manager discussed the changes with Parish Councillors and local businesses and received feedback.

On the basis of the year’s monitoring and feedback, subject to satisfactory consultations, the waiting parking bay near the Grosmont Co-Op will be moved westwards by approximately 5 metres, individually marked parking spaces with a 30 minute maximum stay and a no return in one hour policy. An additional space in the vicinity of the Geall Gallery will also abide by the same rules and a limited two hour bay is going to be provided opposite the Grosmont cricket field.

Blue badge holders are permitted to park without a time limit under the Equalities Act 2010 and will therefore suffer no detriment as a result of the amendments.