Geordie’s unshore footing in seafront fall

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A PAIR of beachwalkers spent Wednesday night at the base of Saltwick Bay cliffs after one had slipped and banged her head on rocks.

A Mrs Raine, from Tyne and Wear, spent the night on the beach with her husband as she was unable to move and with no phone signal available, Mr Raine waited until morning before climbing to the top of the cliffs and calling for assistance.

HM Coastguard station officer Nathan Brown said: “It was very treacherous conditions down there, I wouldn’t suggest anyone walking down there without experience.”

At 5.30am Whitby’s inshore lifeboat was called to the scene but crew members were unable to rescue the woman, who had suffered a sprained ankle.

The woman was finally winched to safety when RAF Leconfield’s rescue helicopter arrived and took her to Scarborough Hospital, where she was found to be suffering no ill effects from her night in the cold.