Fisherman rescued by RNLI team

Staithes lifeboat crew attend to the injured man
Staithes lifeboat crew attend to the injured man

STAITHES and Runswick’s RNLI lifeboat team were launched last week to rescue a severely ill casualty from a fishing boat off Staithes.

The lifeboat was launched at 9.58am on Wednesday 14 November, and due to the severity of the casualty’s illness the station doctor joined the crew on board.

While the lifeboat was en route, Humber coastguard and an emergency doctor from Edinburgh were able to talk to the casualty boat via radio.

This allowed the doctor to hear the ill man’s symptoms and make an initial assessment.

Once the lifeboat was on-scene (pictured right) the station doctor was able to make a detailed assessment of the casualty and concluded that although he was in a great deal of pain, the illness was not life-threatening.

Due to the low tide, the fishing vessel would not be able to return to Staithes for three hours and so the man was transferred to the lifeboat and returned to the harbour, where an ambulance was waiting.

As they neared the harbour the RNLI’s tractor was already at the pier ends waiting to recover them, and RNLI crewmember Alex Godby said: “This would be a tricky recovery due to the low water and a number of rocks from the sea defences meaning the lifeboat had to be precisely positioned before entering the carriage.”

The casualty was transferred to the waiting ambulance and the lifeboat was made ready for service by 11am.