Fight continues to save village bus route

A LAST ditch attempt to save a bus route through the village of Stainsacre from the chop has failed at the final hurdle – but there is still hope.

Last month, the Whitby Gazette reported how the X93 and 93 service would be axed permanently from 24 March, unless there was enough clearance under the bridge that leads out of the village for double deckers to get through.

Speaking at a meeting of Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre Parish Council on Tuesday, chairman John Cummins said the county’s highways department has been out to measure the 14ft 7 height of the bridge which was questioned at the last meeting as it had been affected by road surfacing works over the years.

A sign has now been erected stating the height of the bridge as being 14ft.

Despite the findings, parish coun Ron Eaton has also been out to measure the bridge with a tape measure and claims he found it to be 14ft nine inches.

He believes this could give enough clearance for the buses which are around 14ft 4 inches to get underneath

Coun Cummins said they will be asking the Highways department to re-measure the bridge in the light of what Coun Eaton has claimed.

He added they will also write to the county council to see if it can apply for a subsidy to increase the number of services run by Esk Valley.

The private company currently runs buses three times a day from the village into Whitby and back and it is hoped at least another trip can be added to the route.

Coun Cummins said: “We will keep trying – we are not finished yet.”