Dad defies rip tide danger to save son

The inshore lifeboat returns safely after rescuing a kayaker
The inshore lifeboat returns safely after rescuing a kayaker
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A HERO dad rescued his son and a kayaker was swept out to sea as rip tides continued to pose a serious threat to beachtrippers this week.

An RNLI lifeboat sent out to rescue the kayaker was also described as “lucky” to survive the heavy seas.

On Monday a family day by the seaside at Gunny Hole, near Robin Hood’s Bay, almost turned tragic as a young boy was swept out to sea by a rip tide, but fortunately his dad was on hand to rescue him.

The pair are believed to have been bodyboarding when they got into difficulty, and Whitby Coastguard’s Nathan Brown said: “They were swimming in the sea when they got caught by a rip tide.

“The dad saved the kid but he was overcome by exhaustion so when the ambulance arrived he had to be carried off the beach on a stretcher. He did a good job.”

While they waited for more help to arrive, the father and his son, who had been in the water for over five minutes, sat by a fire to warm themselves up.

They were both treated by the ambulance due to the effects of cold.

Whitby’s lifeboat was alerted, but due to heavy swells the inshore lifeboat was not launched.

On Tuesday Whitby RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was launched to assist a kayaker who was “in real bother” near the Newholme Beck area of Sandsend.

When the inshore lifeboat arrived at around 2.30pm, they found the casualty was in the water, clinging to the surfboard of an RNLI lifeguard who had swum to his aid.

Whitby lifeboat coxwain Mike Russell said: “There was a lot of heavy sea, he was getting washed out and he was struggling.

“The beach lifeguard couldn’t do anything to help him as the surf was too heavy, and they were both in a bit of bother.”

The inshore lifeboat was able to rescue the kayaker and returned him to the safety of the beach, although this caused serious difficulties for the RNLI crew.

The three-metre swell meant that when the lifeboat left the beach they had a rough exit, and one crewmember was thrown to the back of the boat by the force of the waves.

Mr Russell added: “They are all a bit battered and bruised, they are lucky they didn’t lose the boat.”