Council reviews parking scheme after objections

A new public consultation on controversial parking proposals in Whitby is set to start next week after the county council agreed to revise the scheme.

The re-think comes due to the level of public opposition to the scheme which was discussed back in September. Of the 1000 responses to the plan, 80 per cent were critical of it.

Every household in Whitby will receive a consultation pack detailing the simplified scheme and they will also be displayed in the tourist information centre.

A committee of the county council will meet again in the new year to consider results from the latest public consultation.

The main change in the scheme is that the original nine zones have been reduced to just one.

County councillor Derek Bastiman said: “A significant number of local residents and businesses did not agree with the original proposals. These new proposals take account of their views, and I believe demonstrate that we have listened to the views and opinions of the people of Whitby, and have responded accordingly.”

“Since then, our officers have been working hard on a new scheme which will take account of the need to ensure people are encouraged to use the new park and ride system, while not unnecessarily restricting parking in all the streets.”

A common point made to the council during the consultation on the first scheme was that people wanted parking to be allowed to continue in narrow side streets.

The revised scheme is for ‘Permit holders only’ parking for Walker Street, Well Close Square, Well Close Terrace, Wellington Terrace, rear of Royal Crescent and Newton Street.

Mathew Brown from Dillons B&B said: “The county council had an opportunity to listen to the community at either of the two public consultation meetings and rethink the whole scheme so that tourism and our town centre would be protected. They chose not to.

“One zone may well be of some benefit to residents but the cost implications to local businesses and the impact on visitor numbers and spend per head is still a major unresolved issue.

“I am saddened that NYCC fail to recognise the detrimental impact this may have on independent traders and accommodation providers.

“However, I am optimistic that with appropriate consultation we can reach a win-win situation.”