Coastliner bus service saved

The Coastliner service will not be axed from Goathland, Ruswarp and Sleights, to the relief of residents who rely on the buses.

Transdev, who operate the buses, had proposed to alter the service’s status from ‘local’ to ‘express’ by slicing Goathland, Sleights and Ruswarp from the bus route. This would have allowed the company to charge concessionary bus pass holders to use the service, something they said would have been necessary due to cuts in the amount of money they would be reimbursed with from North Yorkshire County Council - estimated at around 40 per cent.

However, this sum has now been reduced to around 20 per cent and Nigel Eggleton, marketing director at Coastliner’s parent company Transdev, said: “Our negotiations with the county council about reimbursement for the senior citizen’s passes were successful so we are reverting to normality. We’re back to an ordinary local bus service.”

With the three villages already short on available public transport, a spokesperson for the county council said: “Maintaining access to services through public transport is a priority for the county council and we are pleased to have been able to resolve this issue with Coastliner. We are now close to finalising the figures with the bus company as a result of which they have decided to reinstate the full service to both Whitby.”

Discussions with Coastliner had been taking place for a number of weeks, relating to a new scheme that calculates how much operators receive from the authority in exchange for carrying concessionary passengers. The spokesperson added the changes will not affect the council’s expenditure for the coming year.