Biker safety event

WHITBY bikers have been invited to a safety event in Scarborough this weekend.

Scarborough police are hosting the event to offer free assessment rides, eyesight testing, riding advice, bike safety checks and to offer a warning of what can happen when things go wrong.

Traffic constable Richard Hammond said: “My fellow officers and our colleagues from other emergency services see first-hand the devastation caused by fatal or serious collisions and we urge all bikers to take advantage of schemes to improve their riding techniques and skills.

“The event is part of our drive to cut down the number of killed and seriously injured motorcyclists on the county’s roads.

“Not all are the fault of bikers, but the statistics for North Yorkshire show that on average, three quarters of bikers’ deaths are down to rider error.

“Keeping yourself safe and knowing how to cope with a bike in unforeseen circumstances can greatly improve your safety on the roads.”

The event will be held at DW Motorcycles, Roscoe Street, Scarborough on Saturday 12 March from 10.30am-4pm.

There will be a display of over 40 motorcycles, a raffle and a fund-raising quiz with the proceeds donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.