‘B&B guests will struggle to park if plans approved’

A guest house owner in Whitby has told the Gazette of the impact the parking zones would have on his business – even though he isn’t included in any of them.

Dillons B&B at the bottom of Chubb Hill falls outside any of the 11 proposed parking zones. yet a guest house without parking less than 200 metres away is included.

Mathew Brown owner of Dillons''w133609a

Mathew Brown owner of Dillons''w133609a

Mathew Brown, who runs the business with partner Craig Stimson, is worried guests at that B&B will park outside the zone, resulting in his own guests struggling to park.

He warned that the parking problems in the town centre are just going to be shifted elsewhere with financial consequences that might not have been taken into account.

Mathew told the Gazette: “We have a good ranking on Trip Advisor and it means that we can reduce our marketing budget.

“People look on there and at the moment that works very well for us.

“But what if people turn up and can’t park within a reasonable distance?

“The comments on Trip Advisor will be negative and the marketing budget increases.

“Do we pass that on to guests or stomach the cost as a business.?”

When the couple first took on Dillons they spent £3,500 per year on promoting themselves.

If they had to do that again, combined with the £2,000 a year they expect to pay on scratch cards so guests can park in town, it means finding an extra £6000.

They also run the business on a sub VAT basis, meaning the maximum amount they can turn over is set.

If they go over that figure they would have to file monthly reports, making their business more time-consuming and costly.

Mathew added: “This is a lifestyle business.

“Yes we do have guests through the doorbut have time off as a couple so we are not constantly working so as a result we are sub VAT but the less profit we make, the business becomes less viable.

“Then what do we do, shut up shop?

“I get everything for the business from local traders so there is an impact on the community.”