Auction for boat’s funds

Charity Lifeboat raffle,Helmsman Robbie Stewart with the boat ...Picture Richard Ponter. 114050
Charity Lifeboat raffle,Helmsman Robbie Stewart with the boat ...Picture Richard Ponter. 114050

A MARITIME auction is set to raise funds for one of the east coast’s smallest rescue boats.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat are hosting the auction at the Runswick Bay Hotel on Saturday 22 October, but despite relying completely on public donations, they are set to donate half of the auction’s proceeds to Whitby’s RNLI service.

RBRB helmsman Robbie Stewart said: “I wanted to share any money we make with Whitby RNLI as Mike Russell and his team have always been incredibly supportive of the rescue boat, offering invaluable advice and moral support.

“As an independent lifeboat we never forget the huge job that the RNLI have and as a boat owner myself I know that their role is important to all sea users.”

The star of the maritime auction is a magnificent model lifeboat, of the same type as Whitby’s own Mary Ann Hepworth.

At 120cm long and 40cm wide the model is designed to be used as a working model with the addition of an engine and propellers.

Mr Stewart added: “The idea for the auction came about when we had the lifeboat donated.

“The anonymous donator lives in Redcar and is a regular customer in the pub.

“He made the model himself but needed to make some space at home.

“He knows I was connected with Runswick Bay Rescue Boat and asked if I could use it to raise some money

“I thought that we could auction it, and while we were at it we could try and get some other items and make it a maritime-themed night.”

Other smaller maritime lots include a ship’s night compass - a binnacle - that is in a brass casing with an oil lantern to the side.

“Even the hotel staff are getting involved,” said Robbie, “our second chef Alistair Grant is a talented photographer and will be donating a framed picture to the cause.”

The RBRB maritime auction starts at 9pm on 22 October and meals, including seafood specials for the night, are served from 6pm until 8.30pm.

The group are also looking for more maritime-themed items to auction so for more information, or to donate a piece, contact 01947 841010 or email