Are Whitby residents being taken for a ride?

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Park and Ride site ''w133408b
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Residents and businesses in Whitby have raised serious concerns about the viability of the biggest overhaul of parking in the town’s history.

Earlier this month, plans to introduce parking permit zones in the central areas of town from Upgang Lane to The Ropery were announced along with the removal of free on street parking along the West Cliff.

It coincides with the introduction of a park and ride scheme from next year which has been in the pipeline for years.

But the controversial measures have prompted a flurry of furious responses from residents and businesses who say it is an ill-thought out scheme and one which could cripple businesses.

The main concerns are that the park and ride scheme will only operate for eight months of the year while the parking zones are going to be enforced all year round, it will close at 7pm and there is no allowance for overnight parking and is only going to accommodate 450 vehicles.

Petitions have been set up campaigning to get the parking permit zones scrapped while the Gazette has collated questions from our Facebook pages and put them to the the county council’s highways bosses.

In response to why there are only 450 spaces it says the figure was arrived at based on studies by consultants over recent years as well as analysis of traffic data and planning constraints.

One of these is the reason why the park and ride area, opposite Cross Butts and Victoria Farm Garden Centre, will only be operational between 8am and 7pm with shuttles buses every 15 minutes.

In off peak months the hours will be reduced further so in March the operating hours will be 8.45am-4.45pm, April and October 8.15am-5.45pm.

Readers also wanted to know why there couldn’t be one entire zone rather than 11 different ones.

Nick West, from the highways department said: “Each zone has a different make up and interest, for example zone H (Fishburn) and K (Ropery) are primarily residential, whilst others such as C has a greater mix of hotels, guest houses and holiday accommodation.”

He did say that there would be some flexibility in the zones and agreed that there could be some flexibility in the operational period of the park and ride scheme to cover events such as the regatta.

Following the level of concern in the town the consultation period has been extended to Tuesday September.10