Now local elections are over, time to look once more at Whitby’s bus services


Now that the local elections are over and there appears to be very little change in Whitby in representation, I am hoping that they will take a serious look at the bus services in Whitby.

Ever since we lost the My Bus Service around and on to the West Cliff area there has been nothing.

Surely Arriva could be approached to perhaps extend one of the Sleights buses.

The park and ride service drives about quite a lot of the day either empty or half empty.

Surely it could be of use.

If this is in the gift of the county council, perhaps they could be persuaded to take the lead.

I am never sure about what Whitby Town Council do or are for.

I cannot recall seeing any demonstration of what they have or intend doing.

After all, we are paying them something in our council tax.

Barry Foster

Manor Cottages,

High Stakesby, Whitby