Fury as almost all residents’ parking is lost

The newly painted double yellow lines in Ruswarp''w131415b
The newly painted double yellow lines in Ruswarp''w131415b

Residents in Ruswarp have voiced their fury after double yellow lines painted throughout the village this week removed almost all of the available on-street parking spaces.

And in a slip-up by North Yorkshire County Council Highway’s contractors who were carrying out the work, they painted double yellow lines further along The Carrs than they should have done, puzzling locals and leaving one man threatening not to pay his council tax over the issue.

However, David Creek, Highways maintenance manager for the Whitby area, said the lines in the village were simply being re-painted following re-surfacing works last year and the workmen had accidentally extended the double yelllow lines several yards further than they should along The Carrs.

He said they have now been removed.

Concerned villager Derek Lee told the Whitby Gazette he is angry about the”‘removal” of the spaces in Ruswarp where the majority of houses on the High Street and The Carrs have no garages or parking spaces.

He said: “Up until now there have been three areas of on street parking for the High Street and The Carrs. The first is a few spaces on Ruswarp Bank, at present virtually unusable due to the interminable on going roadwork’s there.

“The second area is five spaces outside the school. Thirdly, and by far the largest number of spaces, on the north side of The Carrs near its junction with the High Street. Amazingly it is this latter, major provision that has been removed by the painting of double yellow lines along the entire length of the on street parking.

“This means that the entire provision of on street parking at the southern end of High Street is now the five spaces outside the school. Five spaces that are also used on a daily basis by parents and visitors to the school and also by tourists who park there and catch the bus into Whitby or spend the day walking in the area or visiting the steam railway.

“This is an obvious removal of residents amenity which, apart from causing inconvenience and distress on a daily basis, will also have an adverse effect on house sales and values.”

Mr Lee added noone had any prior notice of the parking removal. One High Street resident who asked not to be named added: “I feel so angry about it I’m not going to pay my council tax, any parking we have is in the village, so where do we park now?”