Confusion over park and ride new season

people queueing for the park and ride
people queueing for the park and ride

Confusion and controversy has surrounded the opening weekend of Whitby park and ride’s second summer season.

People were left waiting at bus stops unaware that routes and pick ups have changed from last year - but had not been publicised by the scheme operators.

people queueing for the park and ride

people queueing for the park and ride

Last year’s time tables and leaflets were still being distributed by the county council and bus operator Arriva on what was Whitby’s busiest weekend of the year so far.

Cllr Joe Plant said the whole thing had been “a shocker” and along with Mayfield ward colleage Cllr David Chance they are calling for a meeting to clarify the details of the park and ride scheme amid concerns it is by-passing the West Cliff.

While the bus drops off on the West Cliff it does not do areturn pick up journey.

Passengers can get board the bus at the West Cliff stop when it drops off passengers but if the bus is full and they can’t get on - they will be left waiting.

full car park at the park and ride

full car park at the park and ride

Services are also now every 30 minutes rather than 15 minutes.

Cllr Plant said: “Arriva strikes again. It is now up to them to do the publicity – not the county council – to publicise the new timetable and obviously they did not.

“They have had enough time – there is no excuse.

“I went along the West Cliff and spoke to businesses.

“They said people had been waiting for the bus but it didn’t turn up.

“West Cliff is a prime location and drivers have been telling businesses they don’t want to go up because it is a waste of time – it’s not good.”

Cllr Chance added: “As far as the Easter weekend goes it demonstrates numerous flaws on the bus service which need to be rectified as a matter of urgency and would appreciate a discussion on the matter.”

Over 3,000 people used the park and ride over the Easter weekend as a combination of good weather and the bank holiday brought people to the coast in their droves.

The county council said it had worked closely with Arriva to introduce a new timetable which would increase the capacity of the park and ride.

Services now operate as P1 which takes people from the West Cliff and bus station and there is P2 which is direct to and from the bus station.

Richard Owens, the county council’s assistant director for passenger transport said: “People are voting with their feet and making good use of the park and ride.

“The new season has got off to a flying start and we have worked with out operator, Arriva, to increase the capacity of the service.

“The Park and Ride is certainly proving its worth in helping Whitby to develop as a major centre of tourism.”