Town poll 'will be reworded' - says Fight4Whitby group


A town poll asking Whitby residents if they want to leave Scarborough Council to join up with the Tees Valley Authority is set to be re-worded, after the original question was deemed to be “unlawful”.

The poll had been called on the back of Whitby’s town assembly last month, but the wording of the proposed question was deemed to be misleading to voters.

But the Fight4Whitby group is insisting that the question will be re-worded to counteract this and the poll will go ahead.

The group posted online: “The question to be asked will just be re-worded and that is exactly what is now being done.

“A new form of words, which will be acceptable to Scarborough Borough Council, is currently being composed and the call for a parish poll will proceed – just as soon as SBC accepts the question.”

They added: “In fact, SBC has lots of questions to answer about its management of Whitby.” There are strong feelings in Whitby that SBC’s leadership lacks engagement with townsfolk.

The original question asked Whitby residents if they want to leave the borough and county council to join up with the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

But it was deemed by the borough council to be unlawful in its current form, chiefly because it was said to mislead the electorate into believing such a move is a viable option, which the borough council says “it is not”.

Parish polls can cost thousands of pounds and some, including Whitby MP Robert Goodwill, have questioned if this is a good use of money.