Town on alert as stormy weather causes chaos

High tide at Whitby ''w134923d
High tide at Whitby ''w134923d

Whitby is bracing itself for flooding with the arrival of high tide later this evening (Thursday).

Police are already restricting access along Pier Road from the swing bridge with reports that water is knee deep around the bandstand and a fire crew is currently assisting a business on Sandgate that has water seeping into the cellar.

The far end of Church Street, near Riverside Fisheries, is flooded while the roundabout opposite Trenchers is completely submerged by water.

Sandbags are being distributed to property owners and the harbour office at Endeavour Wharf is on the verge of being evacuated as water levels rise.

Boat owners are being called on to slacken mooring ropes on vessels to allow more movement as water levels alter.

Coun Mike Cockerill, who is responsible for harbours, the coast and flood protection is travelling from Filey to Whitby to help with the situation.

He told the Gazette: “It is an act of God so there is not a great deal we can do but be there and try and assist wherever we can.

“We can supply sandbags but whether it will do any good with such a big increase in levels - it is very difficult to do anything significant.

“We have got to look at the effect on the boats moored in the harbour and make sure owners are aware and can come down and slacken the ropes to allow more movement.

“I also spoke to the harbour master and he is certainly of the opinion that evacuation of the harbour office is imminent.”